About us

Herac AB, based in Sweden, work with all aspects of clinical research within the Nordic region. We are small, flexible and focus on quality. Since the foundation of Herac AB in 2007, we have worked with companies that on one occasion ask for a local representative in a Global Clinical Trial and the next time need a Project Manager for an non-interventional study that covers several countries.

Most assignments are of freelance character, meaning that a company (pharmaceutical industries, local or global CRO and Medical Device companies) asks for a specific resource within Herac. Our strength is that we are able to work direct and very close to the client compared with larger CROs and that we within the company exchange new knowledge and constantly improve the quality.

We believe in the strength of the individual to build a competent company. The employees that personally want to grow in knowledge and skills will without exceptions let the company’s collected know-how also grow.